Backblaze #

Manually Sync Gitlab Backups #

For example to additionally store my GitLab backups on Backblaze:

  • move all relevant files to a folder
  • (optionally) encrypt all files
  • run b2 sync . b2://bucketname/

My GitLab backups are currently stored in a Minio S3 object storage with WORM activated but files can still be deleted by accident from the server itself. A naiive workflow would look like this:

Mirror all files from Minio locally:

mc mirror rz/gitlab/ ./

Encrypt all files with GPG and remove plaintexts:

for f in $(ls !(*.gpg)); do \
  gpg --recipient ansemjo --encrypt $f; \
  rm -fv $f; \

Mirror encrypted files to Backblaze:

# check file list
b2 sync --dryRun --compareVersions none ./ b2://gitbacks/

# upload to backblaze
b2 sync --compareVersions none ./ b2://gitbacks/

The --compareVersions none is needed since GPG does not create stable filesizes and the naiive approach obviously creates newer modification times. Unless there are problems during upload, the filename should be a stable enough distinction though.