Restic #

These tips are assuming that you have your RESTIC_REPOSITORY and necessary API keys, e.g. B2_ACCOUNT_{ID|KEY}, set in your environment. This enables you to simply use restic [command] instead of specifying the repository with -r <repo> and entering the password interactively.

*pssht!* I like using borg a lot more. Too bad borg doesn’t backup to object storage though. If that’s important to you check out kopia, too.

Restore a Single File #

List your snapshots:

restic snapshots

Fetch a list of files within a snapshot or search for one:

restic ls -l {latest|snapshot-id}
restic find

Restore a single file matching a pattern:

restic restore \
  --target /restore/path \
  --include filename_or_pattern \

Mount and Browse a Snapshot #

Or mount a snapshot and browse inside interactively:

restic mount /mount/path
ls -la /mount/path