Software #

A few links to useful software.

Collaboration #

A collection of nice software that can be used for collaborative tasks, preferrably self-hosted.

AirtableCloud-hosted Database with a beautiful UI and API integrationno
CodiMDFree fork of HackMD, realtime collaborative text editor similar to etherpadyes

Archival #

An overview of archival software for different purposes.

E-Mail #

ansemjo/imapfetchPythonfetches from IMAP, config via ini, archived in maildir for mutt
raymii/NoPrivPythonopen formats, no search, combination with imapbox and calaca possible, exports to HTML tree
mailpilerPHPmany dependencies, only accepts via SMTP receiver
MailstoreWindows Apprequires Windows, no scheduling in the free Home version
MailarchivaJavawerid licensing model, cumbersome installation

Documents #

mayanEDMSDockerWebyesnot sure why I initially dismissed this .. beautiful, has OCR, easily installed with docker-compose ..
ecodmsDebian / DockerWeb / Windows / Linuxyesnot very pretty; simple installation
logicalDocDockerWebnot in CEnice feature set and relatively easy to set up; lacks OCR in community edition
ambarhuge docker-composeWebyesONLY for searching; good for temporary projects
seeddmsLAMP stackWeb?rather simple, fewer professional features
nuxeoDebian / DockerWebnovery beautiful; resource intensive and not very intuitive / usable for smaller deployments
agorum?Webyesnot successfully demo-ed yet; looks promising though