Ein Fuchs muss tun was ein Fuchs tun muss.

Ein Fuchs muss tun was ein Fuchs tun muss.

February 18, 2021

This is just a simple post about some artwork I did as a present recently. I wanted to try my hand at freeforming solder-art, so I got some brass rods and tried to form a foxes head.

This was the result:

My initial idea involved some NeoPixel-style RGBW LEDs for the eyes. But the first figure was so skewed, that I wasn’t really happy with the result – even though the eyes worked as intended.

Second time was the charm in this case. Simplified the polygons a little bit and adjusted the proportions:

I bought a small glass dome at idee and my roommate was nice enough to mill me a replacement base from a piece of walnut wood because the MDF base looked terrible.

The head was soldered onto a piece of solid rod, that in turn was soldered into a small hole in a thin brass plate. The figurine was coated with some clear-coat and the wood was oiled. I was clumsy and needed to grind down the upper surface a little bit afterwards, so I could later glue the brass plate in place.

And finally, I’ll just repeat the end result here. In case you wonder, the title is a reference to a song by Beginner.